Finally tonight «America strong» the little girl, not surprisingly (не удивительно) the most patient (самая терпеливая) of all. She is the little girl seen by millions online. Capitals’ forward (нападающий, форвард) Brad Conley right there spotting (заметил) 6-year-old Kylan Mcsily himself behind the glass. He tries to throw her a puck (шайба),  and then listen to Lue Answes: «That kid grabbed (схватила) the first puck from … Look at her face, look at this. Is that the saddest… look at her… she is devastated (подавлена, опустошена)». We were too. The hockey  player tries again. And now that kid steals (крадёт) the puck from… Hitting  (бъёт) the glass, signaling the little Kylan one more chance. He finds the third pluck and this time, it’s all hers. «Look at her, though (всё же). Is that all worth it (это всё стоило того), right there? Oh, my heart`s melting (сердце тает), watching this little girl. Hey, that father orchestrated (организовал) that». But tonight little Kylan`s family telling us that wasn`t her dad or her brothers. She was lucky to get that puck.

Kylan sending us this message «Hi, David» telling us what it was like (каково это было) to watch the boys go first. «I felt happy for the boys, ’cause (потому что) the boys were…. like… happy, ’cause they got a puck… and… but… I didn’t really feel happy for myself…» She’s honest (честная). And when her moment finally came… «I felt so happy. I felt amazing(удивительно). I felt awesome (потрясающе). I didn’t know. I just …. I was so happy.»

At this weekend she’ll be right there at the glass again because the order of Big Capitals says he watched as that little girl had to wait behind the boys. So this weekend it’ll be Kylan right there in the front row (в переднем ряду).