1. Write down questions to every person:

e.g. Paul, do you have a shower every day? Are you reading now? Will you have fun? Did you check student’s tests yesterday?

name         job.               every day.                                now.                             tomorrow.                       yesterday.

Paul.        a teacher.    to have a shower                        to read.                          to have fun          check student’s tests

Mark.        a lawyer.    to buy his wife  flowers.           to sign a document.    to  go to the seaside.   to play football

Tom.        a businessman.        to sell coffee.       to talk to his clients.      to fly to Paris.     to cry because of clients

Ann.        a housewife.        to sing to her baby.     to do the dishes.        to make the bed.      to wash the floors

Susan.      an estate agent.      to sell flats.           to dance with Prince.     to speak French.       to go to the shop

2. Write down questions in different tenses to a famous person. Imagine that he/she answers these questions YES

e.g. Are you a woman? Do you live in the palace? Are you walking your expensive dogs now? Will you see a beautiful garden tomorrow? Did you drink tea with milk yesterday? Do you live with your husband? Are you 90 years old? Are you in London? Did you talk to the Prince yesterday?

Who is this?


1. Who says this? A little girl or a presidential candidate?

If I am a president, I will be a great one!

If I was/were a president, I would be a great one!

2. a fast runner or a slow runner?

If I won this race, I would celebrate with my family!

If I win this race, I will celebrate with my family!