Thousands stuck on quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan

Now to the desperation (к отчаянию) for cruise passengers. Thousands stuck (застрявший, застрял) off the coast (у берегов) of Japan. 12 Americans testing positive for the virus. The state department (государственный департамент) evacuating 800 people from Wuhan, China. Thatonvoy facing a two had-week quarantine. A U.S. сitizen (гражданин) has now died in the Wuhan, said to be the first American fatality(смерть, смертельный исход). Reporter: Tonight fear  (страх) spreading (распространяется) on that quarantined cruise ship off the coast of Japan. At least (по меньшей мере)  12 Americans are among (среди) the 64 people infected with novel (новый, новейший) coronavirus on board (на борту). Rebecca Frasure is one of them. I’m concerned (я беспокоюсь) because my husband is still (всё ещё) on the ship. And what is he supposed (что он должен) to do if he’s released (если его выпустят) and I’m not? Reporter: For the first time an American has died from the virus. The U.S. embassy (посольство) confirming (подтверждает) the 60-year-old victim (жертва) died at a hospital in Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the outbreak (вспышка, начало). I want to send my condolences (выразить мои соболезнования) to the loved ones (близким) of the U.S. citizen who fell victim (стал жертвой) to the virus in Wuhan. Reporter: New video showing hundreds of infected patients being moved into a new hospital in Wuhan built in just ten days. So far (пока), at least 723 people have died worldwide ( по всему миру), more than 34,000 people infected. Overnight (вдруг, неожиданно), another flight filled with evacuees (эвакуированные) arriving in Nebraska. You can see passengers leaving the plane with masks on their faces. Convoys of buses transporting the 57 passengers to camp (лагерь)  Ashland where they’ll remain (останутся) quarantined for two weeks. Some evacuees forced (были вынуждены) to split (отделиться) from their families. Frank Wucinski and his 3-year-old daughter quarantine in California. But his wife is not a citizen and was forced (была вынуждена) to stay behind in Wuhan. She’s is getting worse (становится хуже). She’s having problems breathing (с дыханием), keeping food down (её всё время рвёт). And then now she’s been diagnosed with coronavirus as well. Reporter: Off the coast of Hong Kong a second cruise ship carrying 3,600 passengers is also quarantined. Frankly (честно), we are not feeling good. But I think, in terms of the mood (что касается настроения). But much better than the first day when we just arrived. Maggie joins us (присоединяется к нам) from Japan. We know passengers have been staying (остаются) inside the rooms and you’re learning more about how officials (должностные лица) are trying to stop the spread  (распространение) of the virus on that ship? Reporter: That’s right, Tom. Passengers on board this cruise ship say they are checking (проверяют) their temperatures but we are expecting (мы ожидаем) the number (число) of those infected to only grow (вырастет). Now, Tom, the president of Princess cruises came to Japan to meet with fishes here and the company says they plan to work together to make sure (гарантировать) the quarantine is as safe as all right, Maggie, thank you so much.