Remarks by President Trump at the National Thanksgiving Turkey

Pardoning Ceremony

By: Donald Trump

Date: Nov. 20, 2018

Location: Washington, DC

THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Please, be seated. Good afternoon, everyone. A very special day at the White House. We are thrilled (мы очень рады) to be joined today (к нам присединилась) by our great First Lady,

Melania. (Applause.) On behalf of the entire (от имени всей/со стороны всей) Trump family, I want to wish all Americans a very, very happy Thanksgiving. (Applause.) At this time of the year, we reflect on (задумываемся /размышляем о) all of the many blessings (благославления/блага) in our lives. We’re also very glad to be joined by the Chairman (председатель) of the National Turkey Federation, Jeff Sveen, along with his wife, Marcia; his father,

John; his sons, Andrew, Peter, and Samuel, and their very beautiful families. Thank you very much for being here. Thank you. Thank you. Jeff, thank you. (Applause.) Thanksgiving is a time of great American traditions, and today we continue a very special one, when a lucky turkey gets a presidential pardon (помилование, прощение, амнистия). That turkey is so lucky. I’ve never seen such a beautiful turkey.  It has been stated (заявлялось, было заявлено) that President Abraham Lincoln — Honest Abe («Честный Эйб»- одно из наиболее известных и уважительных прозвищ президента Авраама Линкольна) — was the first President to grant such a pardon (даровать такое помилование) after his son, Tad, befriended (подружился с) the Christmas turkey and implored (попросил, умолял) his father, «Please, dad. Please, save it.» In this grand tradition, I am pleased to announce (я рад объявить) that today’s lucky bird and guest of honor (почётный гость) is named Peas (Горошек), along with his (вместе с его) alternate (запасной) named Carrots (Морковка). The children will understand that. The winner of this vote (победитель этого голосования) was decided (был определён) by a fair and open election (честные и открытые выборы) conducted (проведённому) on the White House website. This was a fair election. (Laughter.) Unfortunately (к сожалению), Carrots refused to concede (отказалась признать) and demanded a recount (потребовала пересчета голосов), and we’re still fighting with Carrots (и мы всё ещё боремся с Морковкой). (Laughter.) And I will tell you, we’ve come to a conclusion (пришли к выводу): Carrots, I’m sorry to tell you, the result did not change. (Laughter.) It’s too bad for Carrots. (Laughter.) Peas and Carrots are the very first National Thanksgiving turkeys from the very great state (штат) of South Dakota. Love South Dakota. (Applause.) For this occasion (по этому случаю), we are excited (мы очень рады) to be joined (что к нам присоединился) by Governor-elect (избранный губернатор) (— a real friend of ours — Kristi Noem. Where’s Kristi? Kristi — stand up, Kristi. Congratulations (поздравления). (Applause.) And she just ran a very, very great race (участвовала в гонке) against a very capable opponent (против очень сильного соперника), and that was really something special. Congratulations, Kristi. We’re also happy to have Wyoming Congresswoman — friend of mine — Liz Cheney here with us. And she just had a big victory (победа) also.

(Applause.) Thank you. That was a great — that was a great victory. They know what they’re doing in Congress, Liz.

Peas and Carrots were raised (были выращены) by a wonderful farmer from Riverside Hutterville Colony, and this is something that he’s very proud of (гордится), Ruben Waldner. I want to just thank Ruben for having done a great job. Where’s Ruben? Ruben — stand up, Ruben. Great job. (Applause.) That’s a good-looking turkey. Great job. Thank you very much. Peas and Carrots were two out of a group of 50 exceptional (выдающийся) turkeys raised for this event (для этого события). And you can see that by looking at them. Together, they are known as «The Presidential Flock (стая).» After their good fortune (удача) today, Peas and Carrots will both live out the rest of their days at Gobbler’s Rest on the campus of Virginia Tech — good place — where they will enjoy a beautiful private (частный) enclosure (загон) under the care of (под присмотром/заботой) poultry (птицеводство, домашняя птица) science students and veterinarians. In other words (другими словами), they’re going to be well taken care of at Virginia Tech.

However, it won’t be entirely (не совсем) a rest (отдых). Even though (несмотря на то что) Peas and Carrots have received (получили) a presidential pardon, I have warned (предупредил, пригрозил) them that House Democrats are likely (скорее всего) to issue them both subpoenas (вызывать в суд повесткой). (Laughter.)

Nonetheless (тем не менее/однако), in the spirit of (в духе) Thanksgiving, I will be issuing both Peas and Carrots a presidential pardon (вынести решение о помиловании). Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee that your pardons won’t be enjoined (выполнены) by the Ninth Circuit (9й округ). (Laughter.) Always happens. They’re guaranteed.

All joking aside (шутки в сторону), this is a time for Americans to unite together (объединиться) in a spirit of love, understanding, unity (единство), and joy (радость), as one proud American family. Our nation is doing well. We are now at the beginning of a national period of Thanksgiving. And as we pause to give thanks for all of the blessings that we’ve been bestowed (нам даровали), it really has been blessing after blessing after blessing. We’re all very thankful. And we also pray (молимся) for those in need (нуждающиеся) , especially (особенно) our fellow citizens (соотечественники) impacted (пострадавшие/затронутые) by the devastating wildfires (опустошительные лесные пожары) in California, where I just came back. I’ve never seen anything like it. Probably nobody has. All American hearts are joined with theirs. We give thanks for the family, friends, neighbors and loved ones (близкие/ любимые) who enrich (обогащают) our lives, lift our spirits (поднимают наш дух), and fill our days with joy (наполняют наши дни радостью) . And we give thanks to God, who continues to shed (пролить) his almighty (всемогущий/Всевышний) grace (благодать/милость) upon this magnificent (великолепный) land that we all love so very much. We are truly blessed (нам очень повезло) to be Americans. This is an incredible (невероятное/потрясающее) time for our country. Prosperity (процветание) is soaring (парит/ летит/ резко увеличивается) all across our land (по всей нашей земле). We are especially thankful for the men and women who protect (защищают) our families and who protect our flag.

As we gather together (собираемся вместе) this week with those we love, we share our gratitude (разделяем нашу благодарность) to all of those who spend this holiday very, very far from home, serving in our military overseas (проходят военную службу за границей). We send our eternal gratitude (вечную благодарность) to the heroes who keep America safe, strong, proud, prosperous (процветающей), and free. And we ask God to always watch over (приглядывать/хранить) these incredible, brave Americans as they faithfully (преданно) defend (защищают) our nation (страну) and as they defend our home.

Now it’s time to grant Peas and Carrots the pardon they’ve been waiting for.

They are extremely lucky birds.