Once upon a time (однажды), Hansel and Gretel lived (жили) in a tiny (крошечный) cottage (домик) with their father, a poor (бедный) woodcutter (дровосек), and their cruel (жестокая) stepmother (мачеха). 

«There are too many (слишком много) mouths (ртов) to feed (кормить),» their stepmother told (сказала) the woodcutter. 

«Take (отведи) the children miles (мили) from home, so far  (так далеко) that (что) they can never find (найти) their way (дорогу) back!»

Overhearing (подслушивая) the conversation (разговор), Hansel slipped (выскользнул)  out of the house and filled (наполнил) his pockets  (карманы) with pebbles (камушки) and went back to bed.

All night long the woodcutter’s wife went on at («пилила») her husband (муж). The next day he led (повёл) Hansel and Gretel away into the forest. 

Вести за собой — lead-led-led

As (когда) they walked through (через) the trees, Hansel dropped (ронял) the pebbles (камушки) here (здесь) and there (там). 

Suddenly (внезапно) the children found (нашли) themselves (себя) alone  (одни) as the woodcutter slipped away (ускользнул прочь). 

Gretel began to sob  (рыдать) bitterly (горько).

«Don’t cry. I’ll take you home, even if (даже если) Father doesn’t come back for us!» 

 Luckily (к счастью)  the moon (луна) was full (полная)  that night and the pebbles glimmed (сияли) in the moonlight.

The children found (нашли) their way (дорогу) back (назад) home and crept (ползли) through (через) the half open (на половину открытое) window without wakening (не разбудив) their parents.

When their stepmother discovered  (обнаружила) that Hansel and Gretel had returned (вернулись), she was mad (в бешенстве). She kept (держала) Hensel and Gretel under lock and key (ключ)  (под замком) all day with only a sip of water (глоток воды) and stale (черствый) bread. 

When dawn (рассвет) came, the woodcutter led the children out into the forest once again (опять). Hansel, however (однако), had not eaten his bread, and as he walked through the trees, he left (оставлял) a trail of crumbs (след из крошек) to mark (чтобы отметить) the way.

Again (опять), the children found themselves alone. «Don’t worry (не беспокойся). I’ve left a trail, like last time (как и в ппрошлый раз),» Hansel whispered  (прошептал) to Gretel.

Sadly the little boy had forgotten (забыл) the hungry animals in the forest. In no time at all  (в мгновение ока/очень быстро) the crumbs had all been eaten (все были съедены).

When dawn broke (к рассвету), they wandered (бродили) through the forest. On and on they walked, till (пока не) they came upon a strange cottage. 

«This is chocolate!» gasped (ахнул) Hansel as he broke (отломил) a lump of plaster (кусоу штукатурки) from the wall (стена).

«And this is icing (глазурь)!» exclaimed (воскликнула) Gretel, putting (положила) a piece of pillar (кусок от колонны) in her mouth.

Starving (умирая с голода) but delighted(восторженные), the children began (начали) to eat pieces of  (кусочки) the cottage.

Quietly the biscuit door swung open. There stood an old woman. 

«Well, well,» said the old woman, peering at them. «Haven’t you children got a sweet tooth?»

Come in and eat what you wish. 

Unluckily for Hansel and Gretel, the sweetie cottage belonged to a witch. They had fallen into a trap.

«You are nothing but skin and bones!» cried the witch locking Hansel into a cage. «I shall fatten you up and eat you!»

«You will do the housework» she tld Gretel. «Then I’ll make a meal of you, too»

Each day the witch would feel Hansel’s finger. The witch had poor eyesight, so he held out a chicken 

bone. «Too thin!» She complained. «When will you become plump?»

One day the witch grew tiredof waiting….

«Light the oven,» she told Gretel. «We’re going to have roasted boy today!»

When the witch bent down to see if the oven was hot enough, Gretel gave her 

A tremendous push and slammed the oven door shut. 

Free at last the children stayed at the cottage, eating sweets. After a few days, they found  a huge chocolate egg, filled with gold coins.

«The witch is now burnt to a cinder,» said Hansel. «We’ll take the treasure home with us, to Father.»

They set off into the forest and on the second day, found their way home. The wicked stepmother left in disgust so Hansel, Gretel and their father lived happily ever after. 


Goldilocks- Златовласка

Once upon a time- однажды  (так начинаются сказки)

there was- была

called- по имени

clever- умный

brave- храбрый

usually- обычно

but she didn’t always do exactly as she was told- но она не всегда делала (точно) то, что её просили

lived with- жила с

in the forest- в лесу

Nice to meet you- приятно познакомиться

one morning- одним утром

made pancakes for breakfast- сделал блины на завтрак

but they were too hot- но они были слишком горячие

to eat right away- съесть сразу

her parents- её родители

decided- решили

to collect- собрать

some berries- ягоды

while the pancakes cooled- пока блины остывали

Isn’t this forest beautiful?- разве этот лес не красивый?

Be careful!- будь осторожна!

There’s lots more fruits this way!- Здесь гораздо больше фруктов!

Look! — Посмотри!

a blackberry- ежевика, черная смородина

delicious- вкусный

Don’t go too far!- не ходи слишком далеко!

I love exploring- я люблю исследовать

Wait for us, Goldilocks!- подожди нас, Златовласка!

Yum!- вкусно!

told her not to wander off on her own- сказали ей не отходить ни на шаг

but before long- но очень быстро

she spotted- она заметила

chased after it- погналась за ней

until she was well and truly lost- пока она не на шутку заблудились

What a beautiful butterfly!- какая красивая бабочка!

I’ve never been in this part of the forest before!- я никогда не была в этой части леса раньше!

Goldilocks is following me!- Златовласка следует за мной!

by and by- вскоре

reached a cozy cottage- пришла к уютному домику

that she’d never seen before- который я раньше не видела

Look at that house!- посмотри на этот дом!

I wonder who lives there? -интересно, кто живёт там?

Goldilocks was feeling hungry- Златовласка почувствовала голод

Luckily- к счастью

in the kitchen- на кухне

she found three bowls of porridge- она нашла три (глубоких) тарелки с кашей