How are you? /хау а ю/- Как дела?

How is your family? /хау из ё фэмэли/- Как твоя семья?

How is your school? /хау из ё скул/- Как твоя школа?

How is your family? /хау из ё фэмэли/ — как твоя семья?

How old are you? /хау олд а ю/- Сколько тебе лет?

How old is your dog? /хау олд из ё дог/- Сколько лет твоей собаки?

What is your name? /вот из ё нэйм/ — Как тебя зовут?

What is your family name? /вот из ё фэмэли нейм/ — какая твоя фамилия?

What are your parents` names /вот а ё пэрэнтс нэймз/  — Как зовут твоих родителей?

What is your dog`s name? /вотс ё догз нэйм/ — как зовут твою собаку?

Where are you from? /вэра ю фром/ — откуда ты родом?

Where is he from? /вэриз хи фром/ — откуда он родом?

How many people are there in your family? /хау мэни пипэл а зэа ин ё фэмэли/ — сколько человек в твоей семье?

What do your parents do? /вот ду э пэрэнтс ду/- Чем занимаются твои родители (профессия)

What does your sister do?-

What do you do?-

What do you do at the weekends?-

What do you like to do in your free time?-

What languages do you learn at school?-

What languages can you speak?-

What grade are you in?-

What subjects do you study?-

What are your favourite subjects?-

What subjects are you good at?-

How long does it take you to do your homework?-

What time do you usually wake up?-

What time do you get up?-

What do you do after getting up?-

What time do you have breakfast?-

What do you have for breakfast?-

What time do you go to school?-

How long does it take you to get to school?-

How do you get to school?-

What time do you come home from school?-

What time do you have lunch?-

What do you have for lunch?-

What do you do after lunch?-

How do you spend your free time?-

How do you help your parents about the house?-

How many rooms are there in your house/flat?-

What is your favourite room?-

What furniture is there in your flat?-

What piece of furniture would you like to have in your room?-

When do you have dinner?-

What don`t you like to eat?-

How many meals a day do you have?-

How  often do you eat junk food?