Once Upon A Time S01E02 "The Thing You Love Most"

Don't be shy (застенчивый) just let your feelings roll on by (проноситься мимо)
don't wear (носить) fear (страх) or nobody will know you're there 
just lift your head and let your feelings out instead (вместо) and don't be shy 
just let your feelings roll on by on by, on by on by, on by, on by on by, on by on by, on by 

The missing (пропавшие) pages (страницы), where are they? 
It's an old book. Stuff's (вещи) missing. What do you care (беспокоиться)? 
I care because you think I'm some evil queen. And that hurts me, Henry.I'm your mother.
No, you're not.
Well, then, who is? That woman you brought here? I don't like what she or this book is doing to you.
Thankfully both (оба/обе) are no longer (больше не) an issue (проблема)....What?

Hey, how about that? Guess those rusty (ржавые) old innards (внутренности/внутренние части) finally straightened (выпрямились) themselves out, huh?
Yes, how about that, indeed (действительно).
Did you know the honey (медовое) crisp (хрустящее) tree is the most vigorous (энергичный, сильный) and hardy (выносливый, морозоустойчивый) of all (из всех) apple trees? It can survive (выжить) temperatures as low as 40 below (ниже) and keep (продолжать) growing. It can weather (выдержать, пережить, вынести) any storm. I have one that I've tended (ухаживать, заботиться, присматривать) to since I was a little girl. And to this day I have yet to taste (пробовать на вкус) anything more delicious than the fruit it offers.
I'm sure you'll enjoy them on your drive home.
Actually (на самом деле), I'm gonna stay for a while (на некоторое время).
I'm not sure that's such a good idea. Henry has enough issues. He doesn't need you confusing (сбивать с толку) him.
All due respect (при всем уважении), Madame Mayor, the fact that you have now threatened (угрожали) me twice (дважды) in the last 12 hours makes me want to stay more.
Since when (с каких пор) were apples a threat (угроза)? 
I can read between the lines. Sorry.I just want to make sure Henry's okay.
He's fine, dear. Any problems he has are being taken care of.
What does that mean? 
It means I have him in therapy. It's all under control. Take my advice, Ms.Swan, only one of us knows what's best for Henry.
Yeah, I'm starting to think you're right about that.
It's time for you to go.
Or what? 
Don't underestimate (не стоит недооценивать) me, Ms.Swan. You have no idea what I'm capable of (на что я способна).

I shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing I do.

Would you like something to drink?
Do I look like I need a drink? 
I was only trying to help.
Thank you.
Now that was an awfully big threat.
Destroy everyone's happiness? How do you plan on accomplishing (выполнить, совершить) that? 
The Dark Curse.
Are you sure, your majesty (ваше величество)? 
You said you'd never use it.
You made a deal (заключила сделку) when you gave away that curse.
You traded (обменяла) it away.
She won't be happy to see you.
Since when do I care about anyone else's happiness but mine? Prepare the carriage. We're going to the Forbidden Fortress (запретная крепость).

How are you, dear? 
I'm doing fine.
Are you? If it were me (на твоём месте), I'd be simply tortured (в муках), watching that flake of snow so happy. Weren't you (разве ты не была) about the same age when you were to be married before she ruined it all? Yes, you were.
Yes, it was about the same age you were when that sleeping beauty got the best of you, my dear maleficent.
I soldiered on, as you will, too, hopefully.
Enough games.You know why I'm here.I need my curse back.
It's not yours anymore. A deal's a deal. I traded you my sleeping curse.
Which failed (не сработало), undone by a simple kiss. Now please, return what's mine.
The Dark Curse? Really? You must know that not even its unholy power can bring your loved one back from the dead.
Have you considered (ты не думала о) a pet (питомец)? They can be quite (довольно) comforting (успокаивающий).
The only comfort (утешение) for me is Snow White's suffering (страдания).
Well, it's her wedding night. I doubt (сомневаюсь) she's suffering right now.
I need that curse. I know you keep it hidden in the orb (шар, сфера) above your staff (посох, палка).
Hidden for the good of all, old friend. Whoever created that monstrosity makes the two of us look positively moral. Who did give it to you? 
Where I got it's none of your concern (тебя не касается). Hand it back.
Must we do this? Alas (увы), we must.
Love is weakness (слабость), maleficent. I thought you knew that.
If you're going to kill me, kill me.
Why would I do that? You're my only friend.
Don't do this. This curse, there are lines even we shouldn't cross. All power comes with a price. Enacting (выполнять, вводить в действие) it will take a terrible toll (плата). It will leave an emptiness (пустота) inside you. A void (пустота, вакуум) you will never be able (никогда не сможешь) to fill (заполнить).
So be it (пусть так и будет).

Who among us (среди нас) is tired of losing? That's why I called you here. To put an end to (положить конец) our misery (страданиям).
Today we claim (требуем/заявляем) victory. And move to a new, better realm (королевство, царство, государство), a place where we can finally win.
And we'll be happy?
I guarantee it.
But first, I need something from you, a lock of hair from those with the darkest souls. You must trust me, because if you don't, there are other ways.
A wise decision (мудрое решение). All that remains (остаётся) is the final ingredient. A prized heart from my childhood steed (конь). The glorious (славный, великолепный, прекрасный) beast whose passing will fuel our victory.
Let my wrath (гнев, ярость) be unleashed (выпустить).
Yeah, you really unleashed something there.

The "mirror" strikes again.
You're late.
I wanted to bring you the latest edition (издание). I assure you it's one of my better hatchet (опорочить репутацию) jobs.
That's not what I asked for. What'd you find out about her? 
Well, the truth be told, there wasn't much. She spent a lot of time in foster homes.
Uh, she got into some trouble when she was a kid, but the details are locked up pretty tight.
Since then, she's clean. Bounced around all over. The only thing I really learned was that she doesn't like to sit still.
That appears to have changed.
Did you know that, um, she had Henry while she was in Phoenix? How'd he wind up here in Maine? 
So if I'm understanding you correctly You found nothing of value, which means you have no value, Sidney. Do you know what I do with things that hold no value to me? I throw them away.
I'll keep looking.

Here you go.
Thank you, but I did not order that.
Yeah, I know. You have an admirer (поклонник).
Ah, so you decided to stay.
Observant (наблюдательный, внимательный) important for a cop.
It's good news for our tourist business. It's bad for our local signage.
It's ... it's a joke. Because you ran over our sign.
Look, the cocoa was a nice gesture (жест), and I am impressed that you guessed that I like cinnamon on my chocolate, 'cause most people don't, but I am not here to flirt, so thank you, but no, thank you.
I didn't send it.
I did.
I like cinnamon, too.
Don't you have school? 
Duh.I'm 10. Walk me.
So what's the deal with you and your mom? 
It's not about us. It's about her curse. We have to break it. Luckily, I have a plan.Step one identification. I call it Operation Cobra.
Cobra? That has nothing to do with fairy tales.
It's a code name to throw the queen off the trail.
So everyone here is a fairy tale character they just don't know it?
That's the curse. Time's been frozen, until you got here. Hey! Where'd you get that? Your mom.
Don't eat that.
O-okay. Uh, all right, what about their pasts? 
They don't know.
It's a haze (дымка, туман, мгла, легкий туман) to them. Ask anyone anything, and you'll see.
So for decades, people have been walking around in a haze, not aging (стареть), with screwed-up (запутавшийся) memories, stuck in a cursed town that kept them oblivious (в забвении, забывающий, не обращающий внимания) .
I knew you'd get (поймёшь) it. That's why we need you. You're the only one who can stop her curse.
Because I'm the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming 
Yes, and right now we have the advantage (преимущество).My mom doesn't know that.
I took out the end, the part with you in it. See? Your mom is Snow White.
Oh, kid.
I know the hero never believes at first. If they did, it wouldn't be a very good story. If you need proof, take them, read them, but whatever you do, don't let her see these pages. They're dangerous. If she finds out who you are It would be bad. I gotta go, but I'll find you later and we can get started. I knew you'd believe me! 
I never said I did. Why else would you be here? 
It's good to see his smile back.
I didn't do anything.
You stayed. So does the Mayor know you're still here?
Oh, she knows.
What is her deal? She is not a great people person.How did she get elected (избирать)?
She's been Mayor as long as I can remember.No one's ever been brave enough to run against her.
She inspires quite a bit of Well, fear. I'm afraid I only made that worse by giving Henry that book.
Now he thinks she's the Evil Queen.
Who does he think you are?
Oh.It's silly.
I just got five minutes of silly.
Lay it on me.
Snow White.
Who does he think you are? 
I'm not in the book. Can I ask you a favor (услуга)? Regina mentioned the kid's in therapy.
Do you know where I can find the doctor? 

Emma Swan.
I was, uh, just reading about you.
Let me guess you're here for help with a little post-traumatic stress? That diagnosis was free, by the way.
No, I'm here about Henry.
I'm sorry. I-I-I really shouldn't I know.
I'm sorry. Just tell me something. This fairy tale obsession what is causing it? I mean, he thinks everyone is a character in his book. That's crazy.
I hope you don't talk that way in front of him. The word "crazy" is, um, quite damaging. These stories... They're his language. He has no idea how to express complex emotions, so he's translating as best he can. This is how he communicates, and he's using this book to help deal with this problems.
But he got the book a month ago.
Has he been seeing you longer than that? 
Um yes, he has.
So it's Regina, isn't it? Uh, his mother is a very complicated (сложная) woman, and, uh, over the years, her attempts (попытки) to try and bring Henry closer have only backfired (неожиданно приводить к обратным результатам). Why don't you take a look at the file? Um, see what I mean.
Why are you doing this? 
Well, he talks about you a lot, and you're very important to him.
Thank you.
Just, uh, see that I get it back, okay? Ms.Swan. For the sake of the boy, be careful how you handle his belief system. Destroying his imagination would be be devastating (разрушительный, опустошительный).
You were right.
She was just here.
Did she take the file? 
How how did you know she was gonna come here?
Because I'm the one who gave her the idea.
Hey there. If you're concerned about the "Do not disturb" signs, don't worry. I've left them alone.
Actually, I'm here about Dr.Archibald Hopper. He mentioned (упомянул) you got into a bit of a row  (ссора) with him earlier? 
I was shocked, too, given your shy, delicate sensibilities (чувствительность, восприимчивость). He says you demanded (требовала) to see Henry's files and when he refused, you came back and stole them.
He gave them to me.
Alas, he's telling a different tale.
May I check your room, or must I get a search warrant (ордер)? 
Is this what you're looking for?
Well, you're very accommodating (любезный, вмещающий, услужливый, сговорчивый).
I'm afraid, Ms.Swan, you're under arrest. Again.
You know I'm being set up (подставили), don't you? 
And who, may I ask, is setting you up? 

....Where carbon dioxide (углекислый газ) and water synthesize.
May I speak with my son?
We're in the middle of a lesson. Is it important?
Do you think I'd be here if it wasn't?
Henry, sweetie, I have some bad news.The woman who you brought here she's been arrested. She broke into Dr. Hopper's office and stole his files. She's a con woman. She's trying to learn about us in order to take advantage of us. That's why she's sticking around. I'm sorry.
No, you're not.
I know you think otherwise, but all I'm doing is trying to protect you. This is gonna be good for us. You'll see. Things will be better.
I gotta get back to class.

You know the shrink is lying, right? 
To the right, please.Why would he lie? 
The Mayor put him up to this. She's gotta have something on him. He's terrified of her like everyone else in this town.
To the left. Regina may be a touch intimidating, but I don't think she'd go as far as a frame job.
How far would she go? What does she have her hands in? 
Well, she's the Mayor. She has her hands in everything.
Including (включая) the police force? 
Henry, what are you doing here? 
His mother told him what happened.
Of course she did.
Henry, I don't know what she said.
You're a genius.
What? I know what you were up to. You were gathering intel for Operation Cobra? 
I'm sorry. I'm a bit lost.
It's need-to-know, sheriff, and all you need to know is that Ms. Blanchard's gonna bail her out.
You are? Why?
I, uh, trust you.
Well, if you can uncuff (снять наручники) me, I have something to do.
What the hell are you doing?
Picking apples.
You're out of your mind (сошла с ума).
No, you are, if you think a shoddy frame job's enough to scare me off. You're gonna have to do better than that.
You come after me one more time, I'm coming back for the rest of this tree. Because, sister, you have no idea what I'm capable of. Your move.

Maybe it's for the best.The forces you're summoning (призываешь) are darker than we can conceive (постигать, понимать).
Oh, now you're trying to protect me? 
It's what I do.
I know. You're the only one who does.
Helping you is my life.
Well, then help me understand why this curse isn't working.
If you want to know that, then you need to go back to the person who gave it to you in the first place. Revenge (месть) is a dark and lonely road. Once you go down it there is no heading back. What is there for me to head back to?

It's just us, dearie.
You can show yourself.
That curse you gave me it's not working.
Oh, so worried. So, so worried like Snow and her lovely new husband.
They paid me a visit as well.They were very anxious about you and the curse. 
What'd you tell them? 
The truth that nothing can stop the darkness except, of course, their unborn child. You see, no matter how powerful, all curses can be broken. Their child is the key. Of course the curse has to be enacted first.
Tell me what I did wrong.
For that, there's a price.
What do you want? 
Simple. In this new land, I want comfort. I want a good life.
Fine. You'll have an estate (имение, роскошный дом), be rich.
I wasn't finished. There's more.
There always is with you.
In this new land, should I ever come to you for any reason, you must heed my every request. You must do whatever I say, so long as I say "please".
You do realize that should I succeed, you won't remember any of this?
Oh, well, then what's the harm?
What must I do to enact this curse? 
You need to sacrifice (пожертвовать) a heart.
I sacrificed my prized steed.
A horse? This is the curse to end all curses. You think a horse is gonna do? Great power requires  (требует) great sacrifice. The heart you need must come from something far more precious (ценный).
Tell me what will suffice.
The heart of the thing you love most.
What I love most died because of Snow White.
Is there no one else you truly love? This curse isn't going to be easy.Vengeance never is, dearie.
You have to ask yourself a simple question how far are you willing to go? 
As far as it takes.
Then please stop wasting everyone's time and just do it. You know what you love. Now go kill it.

Oh, my, this is terribly awkward.
I need to ask you to leave. I'm afraid we have a no-felons rule. It turns out it's a city ordinance.
Let me guess the Mayor's office just called to remind you? 
You can gather your things, but I need to have your room key back.
She destroyed city property (собственость). I want her arrested.
Again? What are you waiting for? 
I'm just not convinced (убеждён) arresting her's the right plan.And I'm not talking about your tree. We both know she didn't steal those files.
Oh, do we? 
I mean, she looked pretty shocked when I leveled the charges (обвинения) against her.
Guess she doesn't like being caught.
Or because she was set up.
And if she was, that means Dr.Hopper was lying. And if he's lying, that means that someone asked him to. Are we really confident (уверен) that the man's conscience (совесть) won't eventually get the best of him? 
I think your schoolboy crush is clouding your judgment. Remember, I made you sheriff, and I can take it away just as easily.
You want me to arrest her again, I will.
But she's gonna keep coming at you, and I know you you're gonna keep coming at her and you will do whatever it takes to get her out of here and you may succeed.
No, I will succeed. He's my son. It's what's best for him.
I know that's what you believe.Okay? But if this escalates, it seems to me the only one who will get hurt is Henry.
Ms.Swan, I'd be happy to continue demonstrating my power (сила), but am I right in guessing (угадать) your resolve (решение) to stay is only growing? 
You have no idea.
Well, then, I think it's time we made peace (мир).
Why don't you drive over to my office? Or walk whatever suits (подходит) you.
I'd like to start by apologizing (извиниться), Ms.Swan.
What? I just have to accept (принять) the reality that you want to be here
That's right, I do.
And that you're here to take my son from me.
Okay. Let's be clear. I have no intention (намерение) of taking him from anyone.
Well, then, what are you doing here? 
I know I'm not a mother I think that's pretty (довольно) self-evident (очевидно) but I did have him, and I can't help it. He got in my head and I want to make sure he's okay. The more you try to push me out, the more I want to be here, especially after seeing how troubled (беспокойный, тревожный) he is.
You think he's troubled?
Well, he's in therapy, and I only got through a couple pages of his shrink's (психолог) notes before you had me arrested, but putting all that aside (отбросить всё это в сторону) he thinks everyone in this town is a fairy tale character.
And you don't? 
How can I? The poor kid can't tell the difference between fantasy and reality, and it's only getting worse. It's crazy.
You think I'm crazy? 
How long was he there?
Long enough.
You knew he would be here.
Did I know that my son comes to my office every Thursday at precisely (точно) 5:00 P.M. so I can take him for dinner before his therapy session? Of course I did. I'm his mother.
Your move (ход).
You have no soul. How in the hell did you get like this?

What happened? Did you get your answer? What's going on? Your majesty? Your Majesty! Did Rumplestiltskin tell you what you needed to know? 
I'm not sure I should say. I'm conflicted.
How bad is it? Maybe I can help.
I have to cut out the heart of the thing I love most.
Daddy, I don't know what to do.
My dear please you don't have to do this.
I have to do something.
Then move past this. I know this may sound self-serving (пекущийся только о собственных интересах, своекорыстный), but you don't need to enact the curse.
But I can't keep living like this. What Snow did to me, what she took from me ... It's eating me alive, daddy. Her very existence (существование) mocks (издеваться, насмехаться, высмеивать) me. She must be punished (наказана).
What's if the price is a hole that will never be filled, why do it? Stop worrying about Snow White and start over. We can have a new life.
But what kind of life? All I've worked for, all I've built, will be gone. My power will disappear. They already think I'm nothing.
Power is seductive, but so is love, and you can have that again.
I just want to be happy.
You can be. Of this I'm sure. I believe, given the chance, we can find happiness together.
But the choice is yours.
I think you're right. I can be happy. Just not here. I'm sorry.

Hey. Just wanted to say thank you and, um, pay you back the bail money.
You look like you need to talk.
Cinnamon (корица)?
I'm sorry. I should have asked. It's a little quirk (причуда) of mine.Do you mind (ты не против)?
Not at all.
No, thanks.
When you bailed me out, you said that you trusted me.Why?
It's strange ever since you arrived here, I've had the oddest feeling like we met before. I mean, I know it's crazy.
I'm starting to reevaluate my definition of crazy.
For what it's worth, I think you're innocent.
Of breaking and entering or just in general?
Whichever makes you feel better.
Doesn't really matter what anyone thinks I did or didn't do. I'm leaving. Thank you for everything, but I think it's for the best. If I stay, Henry's only gonna keep getting hurt.
What happens if you go? I think the very fact that you want to leave is why you have to stay.
You care about him. Who will protect Henry if you won't? 

Are you sure you don't want to talk about it? You know, that umbrella is kind of my good luck charm.
Is that why you think I'm Jiminy Cricket? 
I don't think you're anyone.
Ms.Swan.Look, I can explain. The Mayor forced (заставила) me I know.
Don't worry about it. I get it.
Henry, I'm sorry.
I don't want to talk to you.
Ms.Swan, if she knew you were here 
to hell with her.
Henry, there is one simple reason I stayed here. You.
I wanted to get to know you.
You think I'm crazy.
No, I think the curse is crazy, and it is. But that doesn't mean that it isn't true. It is a lot to ask anyone to believe in, but there are a lot of crazy things in this world. So what do I know? Maybe it is true.
But you told my mom 
..what she needed to hear. What I do know is that if the curse is real, the only way to break it is by tricking (обмануть) the Evil Queen into thinking that we are nonbelievers (неверующие), 'cause that way, she's not on to us. Isn't that what Operation Cobra was all about? Throwing her off the trail (со следа)? 
I read the pages, and, Henry, you're right they are dangerous. There is only one way to make sure that she never sees these. Now we have the advantage (преимущество).
I knew you were here to help me.
That's right, kid. I am. And nothing, not even a curse, is gonna stop that.

I love you, daddy.

What a mess (беспорядок).
Not for long . What can I do for you, Mr.Gold? 
I was just in the neighborhood (округа, близость, квартал) thought I'd pop by (заглянуть). Lovely (чудесно) to see you in such high spirits (в таком хорошем настроении).
Well, it's been a good day. I just rid (избавила) the town of an unwanted (нежеланный) nuisance (помеха, досадная помеха).
Emma Swan? Really? 
Yes. I imagine she's halfway (на полпути) to Boston by now.
I wouldn't bet (я бы не ставил на) on that. I've just seen her strolling down the main street with your boy. Thick as thieves (не разлей вода/закадычные друзья ("толстые как воры"), they looked.
Perhaps you should have come to me. If Ms.Swan is a problem you can't fix (решить), I'm only too happy to help, for a price, of course.
I'm not in the business of making deals with you anymore.
To which deal are you referring (ссылаешься)?
You know what deal.
Oh, right, yeah. The boy I procured (достал) for you. Henry.
Did I ever tell you what a lovely (чудесный) name that was? How ever did you pick (выбирать) it? 
Did you want her to come to town? You wanted all this to happen, didn't you? Your finding Henry wasn't an accident, was it? 
What ever do you mean? 
Where did you get him? Do you know something? 
I've no idea what you're implying (намекаешь).
I think you do. Who is this woman, his mother, this Emma Swan? 
I would say you think you know exactly who she is. I really must be going.
Tell me what you know about her.
I'm not gonna answer you, dear, so I suggest (предлагаю) you excuse me. Please.