I Am No Bird, and No Net Ensnares Me

(to ensnare- поймать в ловушку, заманивать)

 [bird chirping.]
[soft music.]
Mr.Cuthbert, do you know where she's headed? The orphanage.
[whistle blowing.]
- [background chatter.]
- [woman.]
: There she is.
- [man.]
: Make way, make way! - [woman.]
: Hi! [indistinct chatter.]
Did she run away? No.
How did she seem? Quiet.
She was real quiet.
Didn't say a word.
[indistinct chatter.]
Right this way, miss.
Who are you? I'm supposed to fetch you, miss.
I don't understand.
Who sent you? Why, your family, of course.
Now right this way, little lady.
- My family? - They sent me to collect you and bring you straight home.
We'll be there in a jiff (в мгновение ока).
- Let go of me.
- Quickly now.
Let's hurry up.
I've got some lovely sweets in my carriage for the ride.
Get away from me! Ahem.
Uh hello, young masters.
I've been sent to take you home.
- [background chatter.]
- Oh, good evening.
I was wondering if you could spare (найдётся ли у Вас) a fresh horse? Sorry, sir, don't have one to lend (одолжить).
Mine's dead beat (измождённый, уставший, выдохшийся) and I need to get to Charlottetown.
Please! Any horse will do (подойдёт).
Sorry, but I can't oblige (оказывать (небольшую) услугу, помощь; помогать) you, sir.
I'm good for it.
I'll bring the money when I return.
- Sir - I live in Avonlea at Green Gables Money or not, I'm afraid I can't help you.
These here belong to the guests and the hotels are spoken for this evening.
You're welcome to rest yours here for a spell ((на) некоторое время), though.
Sam! Sam! Sam! - Sam! Vessel? - Whoa.
Whoa there.
Matthew Cuthbert, whatever's got you all twisted up? Are you heading to the vessel (судно, сосуд, корабль)? Yes, we're riding to the port overnight.
Be there by daybreak.
Can I hitch a ride? I need to get to Charlottetown! - I'm not riding in back.
- No worries at all.
Much obliged (очень благодарен).
Mare! [horse snorting.]
[background chatter.]
[shouting and whistling.]
[bell ringing.]
[bell clanging.]
- [bell clanging.]
- [banging.]
[seagulls cawing.]
: I told you that brooch (брошь) meant a great deal to me (для меня много значила).
- Confess (признавайся) at once (сейчас же).
- [Anne.]
: But I didn't take it.
Or I'll send you right back to the asylum.
I took the brooch outside with me.
I lost it.
Tomorrow you will go.
I can't trust one word out of your mouth.
But I made that up (придумала это)! Please, Miss Cuthbert! Enough! [soft music.]
[crickets chirring.]
[soft, dramatic music.]
[crickets chirring.]
: Shut your face from now on! We're sick of you (ты нам надоела) and your stupid stories.
- Hold her down.
- Please, don't! - stupid stories.
- Squeak, squeak, squeak - Princess Cordelia - Stop! Anne Shirley! Stop it at once! Stop it! You get in there! - [door creaking and closing.]
- [locking.]
First thing we climb a tree And maybe then we'd talk Or sit silently And listen to our thoughts With illusions of someday Casting a golden light No dress rehearsal This is our life You are ahead by a century You are ahead by a century [neighing.]
Quickly now! Quick! Quick! Whoa, easy, easy! I'm sorry, Miss Cuthbert, I was not quite finished.
Oh, please hurry! Continue with the barn (сарай, амбар) work.
Stack (складывать в кучу) some wood in the kitchen.
I have to go! Marilla! Marilla! I have to go! Wait! Wait! Wait.
Thomas rode out at first light.
I came to tell you.
- Where is he going? - Why, to look for them.
Only reason I could see for Matthew tearing off yesterday was to fetch Anne.
When we didn't see them return, I was so worried Please step aside, Rachel.
- I knew you'd be beside yourself.
- I need to go! I must go now! No, listen, dear.
Thomas will ride all the way to the train station.
He'll check the road as he goes.
What if he's lying dead in a ditch (ров, канава, кювет)?! - Marilla - What if they both are? Enough now! What if something horrible has happened and it's my fault Stop it, Marilla.
Boy! Thomas is miles ahead of you.
Now the only thing to do now is to wait.
- Take the rig back in.
- Yes, ma'am.
Give me your hand.
Watch your step.
Careful now.
Be careful.
Now come along inside.
We'll put the kettle on.
[mournful music.]
[rooster crowing.]
[soft music.]
[rooster crowing.]
- Hello, Mr.
- Oh, goodness! [laughter.]
- My word! Do I know you? - Not yet, but I know you.
And I'm sure we'll become better acquainted (знакомы) on the ride.
The ride? The matron (мать семейства, заведующая хозяйством, замужняя женщина, экономка) was wondering if you wouldn't mind (не будете против) taking me to the nearest train station.
I'm going home to Halifax, you see.
That's where I was born.
I-I don't know if I can take ya.  It seems a wealthy aunt was just discovered and sent for me.
Isn't that wonderful? Yes, it is, but I've got several deliveries to make My years of torment (мучение, мука) and uncertainty (неопределенность) are behind me.
And I'll have to learn all manner of comportment (манера держаться), but I feel equal to the task.
Certainly sounds like you're moving up in the world.
I am.
I am indeed.
So if you wouldn't mind conveying me towards my new life? It's not that I mind, but trouble is, I've got several stops along the way.
It'll be a few hours, I'm afraid.
If you're in a hurry, you might find a better mode.
Shall we ask the matron? No, no, no, this will be perfect.
And I'm sorry I don't have any money to pay you, but I'll be happy to help.
Well, uh well, al-alright.
Off me go.
[indistinct chatter.]
- [woman shouting.]
- [bell clanging.]
[seagulls cawing.]
- [background chatter.]
- [bell clanging.]
[woman shouting.]
[man shouting.]
- [shouting.]
- [whinnying.]
[bell clanging.]
So, now, what do you think? Don't know how much I can get for it, with this here monogram.
I I don't need much.
Then we are well met.
It's a family heirloom (фамильная ценность, фамильная вещь).
Show me something in here that ain't.
I don't know.
I'll think about it.
Why don't you come back tomorrow? All I need is train fare (плата за проезд, стоимость проезда) for two up-island and ferry rides back and forth to the mainland.
Any idea how much that would come to? I'll see what I can do.
Alright? Extra, extra! Scientist predicts greenhouse effect (парниковый эффект)! Extra, extra! Scientist predicts greenhouse effect! What time does the ferry to Nova Scotia go? 'Round about 5:00.
Local boy loses life by drowning (утонуть)! - [dog barking.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
[soft music.]
[bicycle bell ringing.]
Out of the way, mister! Ah! [woman screaming.]
[people shouting.]
- [neighing.]
- [barking.]
And I believe my parents traveled to India and many faraway lands before they were killed tragically in service of the queen.
You don't say.
I imagine they were ever so noble.
Alright, off you go.
Going! I'm told I'm fleet of foot (быстроногий).
Oh, yes? Now, I'd rather be beautiful, but you can't have everything.
- Hop! - Ah [sighing.]
- Mm.
My missus sure can bake.
- Huh.
I was going to learn.
The lady at my last household in Avonlea said she would teach me.
Doesn't matter.
- [sighing.]
- Hungry? No, no, I couldn't deprive (лишать, отнимать, обделять) you.
Oh, help yourself.
Got plenty (много).
Well much obliged.
- Walk on.
- [horse snorting.]
I'm famished (голодный, изголодавшийся), actually.
I haven't eaten since yesterday.
- Matron trying to starve (голодать, морить голодом) you? - What? They didn't feed you this morning? Well I was too preoccupied (занят) to eat.
What with my life starting over and all.
What were they doing for her? - Who? - Your parents, for the queen.
Oh, right.
Espionage (шпионаж, шпионство).
That's the best I cando until the doctor comes.
It's been hours.
I hope bringing him here was the right thing to do.
- Anne - He's waking up.
Fetch him some water.
- Anne - It's alright.
- You're going to be fine.
- What? Where? - You had an accident.
- My carriage.
Oh, no, no, no, no I can't be late.
- Don't get up.
You're injured (ранен).
- No.
The ferry (паром).
I can't miss it.
Where am I?! Where's the ferry from here? [crickets chirring.]
[soft, dramatic music.]
Hello? Hello? Someone?! Hello?! Hello?! [groaning softly.]
Oh Oh, my word! Please No, d-d-don't be frightened.
Get away! You can't loiter (мешкать, слоняться без дела) here! - I must speak with the matron.
- The matron? She's not even awake.
- It's an emergency (непредвиденный случай; чрезвычайное происшествие).
- You'll have to come Ba No, there's been a mistake! My girl.
My little girl, she's here.
I came to fetch her.
Come inside.
I'll see if I can rouse the matron.
Thank you.
Were you out there all night? What happened anyways? - There was a misunderstanding.
- Looks like it.
- [woman.]
: Hurry up.
- I What? You've been fighting.
And at your age.
Men! Kitchen's this way.
Dora, please tell Matron there's an emergency, someone needs to see her right away.
I'll give you a bit of hot water for washing up, and we'll take a look at that bandage before you see Matron.
- Oh, no, there's no need.
- Have you seen you? Uh much obliged.
[rooster crowing.]
- [cattle lowing.]
- 'Morning, Miss Cuthbert.
Do you need something? For me? Merci.
There's plenty more.
Thank you.
Yes? What is the nature of your emergency? Yes, good morning.
I need to take Anne Shirley home.
She was adopted.
She's no longer in residence.
But she she came back here yesterday, did she not? - She did not.
- Now please excuse me.
But she has to be here.
The ferry master said that he'd seen her, said she come across yesterday.
Red braids! Oh, I remember her distinctly (отчетливо, четко), but the girl is not here.
Emergency! [shouting in distance.]
Oh! [chuckling.]
Gave me a start (заставил меня вздрогнуть/испугал).
- Beg your pardon.
- Same thing happened yesterday, only that time it was a little girl.
" Where Hope and Fear maintain (сохранять) eternal strife (вечная борьба); And fleeting joy (мимолетные радости) does lasting doubt ( длительные сомнения) inspire (вдохновлять); And most we question, what we most desire!" Thank you! [man.]
: Ladies and gentlemen, the express Excuse me.
May I interest you in a poetic recitation (декламация) spoken aloud with dignified (достойный, величественный) emotion? It's only a dollar.
Fifty cents? I need a train fare to Halifax.
I promise you'll like it.
Excuse me, sir.
May I interest you in a rousing tale of heroic deeds (поступки) and acts of bravery? It'll pass the time.
[indistinct announcement.]
Pardon me.
May I transport you for a few minutes with a romantical recitation replete (переполненный) with the tragedy of a love unrequited (без взаимности)? "If thou must love me, let it be for nought Except for love's sake only.
Do not say, 'I love her for her smile - her look - her way of speaking gently, - for a trick of thought that falls in well - with mine, and certes brought" - Anne! Anne! "a sense of pleasant ease on such a day" Anne!! "For these things in themselves may be changed, or change for thee, - and love, so wrought, may be un-wrought" Anne, thank goodness I found you.
So Marilla must've found  (должно быть она нашла) the brooch, then, because I am not a thief.
Now, if you'll please excuse me, I'm in the middle of earning (зарабатываю) some wages (зарплату).
I've got a train to catch.
"Thy love dear wiping my cheeks dry" - Please, Anne - "A creature might forget to weep" It was a terrible misunderstanding. Thank you anyways.
It was very nice.
But I'm not finished.
We've heard quite enough.
Do you want your money back? Anne, please listen to me.
I've come to take you home to Green Gables.
Why?! So you can banish (изгонять, прогонять) me whenever you feel like it (каждый раз, когда захотите)?! I am my own family now.
And I am all I need! - Anne - Poems! Poems for sale! No, wait, wait.
Anne, listen.
I-I've come for you.
I came all this way Oh, bully for you.
Because so did I! And not by choice.
I had to come all this way because you didn't want me! I do want you, Anne.
We do.
I would appreciate (была бы признательна) it if you would leave me alone.
- Please.
- Please? Oh, I'll give you a "please.
" Please have the decency (порядочность, приличие) to let me be!!! Is there a problem here? - Yes, there is.
- Is this man bothering (мешает) you? No, no we're fine.
This man is indeed bothering me.
- That so.
- We're fine.
She's my daughter.
[soft music.]
Whoa [horse chuffing.]
Well, it certainly took you long enough to fetch her! Oh, sorry to cause you worry, Marilla.
Hello, Miss Cuthbert.
Hello, Anne.
It's nice to see you back.
Please take your things up to your room.
I'll get supper on.
We're having a simple supper.
I won't need your help.
Just come down when you're ready.
Yes, Miss Cuthbert.
Well, I'll see you downstairs.
You'll be wanting the egg cups? Yes, please.
Did you bring your laundry (стирка) down? Yes, Miss Cuthbert.
Please attend to the toast.
Excuse me.
Of course.
On the table, thank you.
I'll be out, uh by the potato barns today.
I might send Jerry to the smithy (кузница, кузнец) with the bay for shoes.
I'll pack him a lunch.
Alright, then.
- [birdsong.]
- [rooster crowing.]
It was so awful, Belle.
When I saw the orphanage again, you can't imagine my dread (ужас).
And now I'm back, but I'm not so sure You're back? How dare you sneak around listening to my private conversation? I wasn't listening, I was sleeping.
- So you're lazy and a snoop (человек, сующий нос не в свои дела).
- It was too late to go home last night.
There was so much work, because Mr.
Cuthbert was away.
Looking for you.
What all did you hear me say? Why would I care what you say to a horse? I need coffee.
I'm going in to ask.
- Why do you have that plate? - I Careful.
They'll call you a thief too.
No, no, the lady brought it to me yesterday, when she was distraite.
Why anyone would worry over you is a mystery for sure.
- [soft music.]
- [panting.]
- Ah! - [laughter.]
Ah You're so smart, Anne.
I never would've thought to sell poems for train fare.
And you're home in time for the church picnic.
Did they tell you we're hosting it here? I'm really glad you're back, Anne.
Well, you're the only one.
Well, Matthew seems to be, but he must've talked her into it (уговорил её).
Oh, don't say that, Anne.
I'm sure it's not true.
Miss Cuthbert wasn't happy to see me at all.
She didn't care a whit (ей было совершенно безразлично).
But Rachel Lynde told Mother that Miss Cuthbert was torn asunder (разрывалось на части) after you left.
- Not possible.
- Miss Cuthbert was so upset, Rachel Lynde feared she'd take sick.
Not possible.
Well, that's what she told Mother.
Then why doesn't she show it? It's hard to believe she was sorrowful (полна печали) when she doesn't seem to like me at all.
At least you're home.
I've missed you.
And I don't mean to seem ungrateful.
And it did fill my heart with joy to be back at Green Gables.
But I feel they could send me away at any moment.
But now that it's all settled (решено), why would they? I just don't want to get too attached (привязываться).
Not if it's all going to disappear.
"If all the world hated you, and believed you wicked, while your own conscience approved of you and absolved you from guilt, you would not be without friends.
" [soft music.]
[distant chatter.]
It's quite confounding (ставит в тупик).
Why send her away just to retrieve (вернуть) her? Confounding indeed.
I hope those old Cuthberts aren't losing their marbles ("потерять шарики"/спятить).
- What do you mean? Stop it.
- Stop it! I mean, I hope they aren't becoming addled (испорченный, протухший), dear, as seniors are wont to do.
They hardly want to, darling.
I don't like this biscuit.
Then don't eat it.
Well, it can't be a peaceable household, it simply can't.
The girl is an orphan, after all.
How does one know what one is really getting? - One doesn't.
- Exactly.
It's not like she wanted to be an orphan.
- Of course not, dear.
- But she is.
Hello! Rachel.
Here we are, here we all are.
Glad to see you, Matthew.
Welcome home, Anne.
Thank you, Mrs.
How do you do, Mr.
Lynde? Glad we didn't find you in a ditch.
Yes, yes, dear, everyone appreciates your gallantry (храбрость, галантность, отвага).
Well, we aim to please.
Marilla, I hope you're feeling better now, dear.
- Were you poorly, Marilla? - She was just worried sick, that's what.
- All is well, thank you.
- I'm sure it is, now that you're all reunited.
One big happy family.
My, my.
Looks like the Cuthberts have picked up (подобрали) a stray (бездомный).
Stray dog.
Ruff-ruff! No need to be uncharitable (немилосердный, жестокий, злостный).
Do you suppose they mean for her to be a daughter or a servant? Doesn't she have awful red hair? I wonder if she'll be attending school.
What is the world coming to? [man.]
: I hear they plucked her from an asylum (убежище, приют, прибежище, психиатрическая больница) in Nova Scotia.
- A lunatic (сумасшедший) asylum? - Orphanage.
Of course, it could turn out to be one and the same.
: Oh, dear.
We'll just have to persevere (упорно продолжать, упорно добиваться, стойко продолжать, проявлять упорство).
: You're a little orphan! You lived in a trash can (мусорный бак)! [giggling.]
Garbage (мусор) girl! Garbage girl! [laughter.]
Anne? I'll go.
- [soft music.]
- [crying.]
[Anne sobbing.]
Anne? [tearfully.]
: Leave me alone.
Anne Did you feel a sense of obligation (долг)? Is that it? Because I would've been fine on my own! Better than here! Why would you send for me if you didn't even want me? But we do want you, Anne.
It's obvious (очевидно) you don't! I don't know what to do.
I have a question for you.
I wonder will you forgive me? I am very sorry, Anne.
When the brooch went missing, I was quick to judge (судить).
But what's worse is that I pushed (подтолкнула) you to fib (выдумывать).
What else were you to do? Makes me shudder (содрогаться) to think of it.
And of course, I know now that you were telling the truth.
You are a truthful girl, Anne, even now, and that is an admirable (замечательный, восхитительный) quality.
This was my fault.
And all that you went through because of it.
It's a wonder you came back to Green Gables at all.
[soft music.]
If you could find it in your heart to believe me and forgive me then we can start anew (заново).
Anne! Yes, miss Cuthbert? Please come down to the parlour (гостиная).
And "Marilla" is just fine.
What do you mean? You may call me Marilla.
May I call you Aunt Marilla? You may not.
But I'd love to call you Aunt Marilla.
It would make me seem as if I really belonged to you.
Well, I'm not your aunt and I don't believe in calling people names that don't belong to them.
- Well, we could imagine you're my aunt.
- I couldn't.
Do you never imagine things are different than they are? I do not.
Oh, Marilla, how much you miss.
Well, speaking of names, we'd like you to sign this and take ours.
If the idea appeals (нравится) to you.
I've got the pen.
It's all ready for you.
This is your family Bible.
You want me to be a Cuthbert? A real Cuthbert? We do.
We want our name to belong to you.
I'm going to belong? We hope you like the sound of Anne Shirley Cuthbert.
Anne? I do.
I do very much.
But I just sign? That's it? Of course.
What's the matter? Well seems a little perfunctory (поверхностный, небрежный, формальный, невнимательный), don't you think? Perfunctory? Shouldn't we shouldn't we hold hands over a running stream and pledge (давать торжественное обещание, заверять) ourselves to each other as Cuthberts forever? Or prick our fingers and mingle (смешать) our blood as a symbol of our lasting devotion (прочная преданность)? Well, surely there needs to be a ceremony of some kind in honour of such an auspicious (благоприятный) moment.
As someone who has never belonged to anyone before, I believe that this is a matter of much solemnity (торжественность).
Don't you? What say you, Marilla? Well I've got some raspberry (малина) cordial (наливка) in the pantry (кладовая, буфетная).
Perhaps we could all have a small glass to celebrate without any danger to anyone.
Oh, Miss Cuth Thank you, Marilla.
That would do nicely.
Well, then to the Cuthberts.
- The Cuthberts.
- And the Shirley-Cuthberts.
Oh I could develop a fondness (нежность, любовь) for this.
It's time for you to sign now, Anne.
Oh my.
I can't believe this is really happening.
Calm yourself, Anne.
You're overexcited.
Yes, I am.
I don't think I've ever been so excited in my whole life.
Oh my hands are shaking.
With this pen I take you Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert to be my family forever.
To call you mine and to be yours.
For always.
[Anne sighing.]
Anne Cuthbert.
Oh, I should add the Shirley.
I'll do it over.
Anne Shirley [laughing.]
It should be hyphenated (написанный через дефис), don't you agree? I'll add that in, too.
And since it's official, it should probably be Anne Shirley-Cuthbert of Green Gables Halifax.
Could I add Cordelia, too? I've always wanted to be a Cordelia.
Anne Cordelia Alright, that's enough now.